“A Toll is a Toll, and a Roll is a Roll”

A Toll is a Toll
Disclaimer: This photo was found on Google Images

Much like Robin Hood, I am not in favor of tolls, and wish to overthrow the sweet but hungry Little John (who happens to be very big). And yes, I do quote this scene every time I go through a toll booth.

The bloody tolls in Orlando are absolute garbage. You will not survive without a Sunpass. Let me repeat. You will not survive!

I found this out very quickly by vacationing in Orlando every  so often and incurring a lofty debt to the highway toll gods. It’s not unlikely to go half a mile on the 408 and be charged $1.00 and then another $0.50 and so on and so forth. It makes me cry a little on the inside and out whenever I have to take the toll roads.

I thought, hmm gas is cheaper in Orlando so I’ll be saving a little money here and there, but no. Just no. The tolls have made sure to take what they will at every turn. Sure, it’s quicker and more direct than the stinky old I-4, and sure you’re less likely to have to face the impending doom that is five o’clock traffic, but my pockets burn.

I suggest you buy a Sunpass with the easy auto payments options. Because mark my words you will look at your bank statement and weep for the fallen, that is your hard earned dollars.

Dramatic? Sure. Realistic? Absolutely.



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