Keke’s Breakfast Cafe

On our third day of Orlando we decided to grab breakfast somewhere.

It was Sunday morning around 10am and it was packed. We were told it was a thirty minute wait and we had just driven twenty minutes so we figured, why not?

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe is actually a chain restaurant (to my surprise) that is dressed in simple decor and minimal color.

Daniel (my foxy husband) decided on the Eggs Benedict with red skinned potatoes and a large behind chocolate milk. I however decided on their Raspberry and Cream Cheese stuffed French Toast.

Eggs Benedict
EBAPThe Eggs Benedict is plated and garnished with an orange slice and a sprig of fresh parsley which matches the overall theme of simplicity. The eggs were smooth and creamy. It paired nicely with the saltier Canadian bacon in the middle, and the English muffin underneath soaked up the sauce well and combines for a smooth experience. As a person who does not like Eggs Benedict I will say this was actually amazing. The red skinned potatoes on the side. I would definitely order this on my own in the future.

Raspberry and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast

RCCFTRaspberry stuffed French toast was surprisingly still fluffy but dense (if that’s possible). I was thankful that it wasn’t a horrible soggy mess. The raspberry filling wasn’t sickeningly sweet and blends well with the cream cheese. The raspberry filling reminded me of jam but not in an unpleasant way. I was glad to have the cream cheese because it evened out the texture and acidity of the fruit filling. The powdered sugar on top adds the extra touch of sweet along side a small splash of syrup. Although the syrup is not necessary I advise you to try it plain first since it may become too sweet for some.

Final thoughts
Was it delicious? Yes
Did I need to eat both dishes? Yes, it was for…science purposes
Will I go back? Yes
The Total: $25.00 (Not including tip, which should ALWAYS be 20%… if you’re not tipping 20 stay home or be run over by a lionturtle driving a minivan.)



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