Woo Sung Oriental Food Mart

Recently, I have been cavorting about my local neighborhood and decided it was time to locate the nearest Korean food mart.

Being Korean, I have certain needs. Seaweed, Ramen, Samanco ice cream, and other edible niceties. So I googled a location nearby and was on my way!

Woo Sung is a nice Oriental market with mostly Korean, Chinese, and few Japanese items. It’s in a little run down plaza with a simple sign. The inside was typical with organized aisle and shelves. There was a delightful section of fresh produce, pickled side dishes, and frozen goodies.

They didn’t have any single served soft drinks which was a little disappointing but overall they had a great selection of items. The inside of the store was fairly clean in comparison to other Asian markets I have been to in the past.

I suggest this market to anyone in the area, don’t be concerned with the state of the store. The items were all packaged well and cleanly kept. It will supply all the items you need for any Korean meal. The staff was nice and spoke English very well (for those of you who only speak English).

Take a look at the goodies I got!
Side note: The Bur-Dak Bokem Myeon (the Ramen in the circle container) is from the “Spicy Ramen Challenge” and oh boy is it spicy. Keep water nearby. I love spicy things and it was extremely enjoyable…as I cried into the bowl. You have been warned

The Total $13.78
Would I recommend it? Yes



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  1. soysuva says:

    Oh! I’ve tried the Spicy Ramen Challenge with my sisters and you were right. It was spicy, but tasty! xD Good thing I had cucumbers at the side to get rid the spiciness aftertaste. Going to get some again next time I go to the Asian Food Market near me.

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    1. That’s awesome! It’s super addictive! Cheers to trying new things!


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