Hanson’s Shoe Repair

Hanson’s Shoe Repair is an adorable modern day speakeasy. A tiny bar three stories up in the heart of downtown Orlando. It’s atop another bar they’ve partnered with which is also quite adorable.

In order to get into Hanson’s you must call between the hours of 1pm-7pm in order to receive a password. If that is not the most magical thing you have ever heard then you are dead on the inside.

The upper quarters of the speakeasy are a quaint area filled with dreamy light and minimal seating. They only allow a handful of people to enter at a time and we were fortunate enough to be some of them.

The atmosphere at Hanson’s is lovely. The bar opens up to a roofless patio and is lit by romantic string lights. Antique mirrors hang on the cream painted walls. It’s the ideal place to have an engagement party or intimate wedding dinner.

Check out the cocktails we got below.

When Shadows Fall.Hansons 010
Left: Orchard and Acre | Right: High Violet

Hanson’s makes all of its alcohol in house, and has a short menu with specialized cocktails. They were all magical in their own way. I especially loved the High Violet (right).

Because the establishment is so intimate, photos aren’t exactly loved (hence my bad picture). They really highlight on talking to one another and being together which I love.

The Orchard and Acre (left) was very good and much lighter than I expected. It wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be, but it is very nice on the palate. It’s garnished with a cherry.



The High Violet is sweet and smooth with almost a mint after taste. It was by far my favorite. Each drink was $12 and completely worth it.

Before we visited Hanson’s Shoe Repair we went to When Shadow’s Fall the first person theater experience (which was fantastic), and met a new friend named Phi! Check out the vlog here.

When Shadows Fall.Hansons 011
Phi, Myself, and Sarah








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