The Escape Game Orlando

It has been five months since I have moved to the lovely city of Orlando. I have been on the hunt to find things to do. Coincidentally I ended up working at one of the most interesting places you should try when you’re cavorting about the big city.

An Escape Game. What is an escape game you ask? It is a novelty game where you’re “locked” in a room and have sixty minutes to find keys, solve locks, riddles, and puzzles in order to get out! Think mystery movie, but in real life (Don’t worry you’re not actually locked in).

By coincidence I was walking past The Escape Game Orlando during my second week in Orlando. There was a huge “We’re Hiring” banner in the front and I figured “Heh, why not?”. A week later I was starting my first game.

This type of experience brings out the inner private investigator in everyone no matter the age. It’s $34.07 for a one hour game and you might think: “Good Lord, do you want my kidney?” but I assure you it is well worth it… Also, what would I do with your kidney?

If you’ve ever dreamed of searching for gold, breaking out of prison, stopping a bomb, stealing a piece of art, or you’re just plain nosy then this is the place for you! This type of novelty game is quickly on the rise in the USA!

The original concept started as a video game in Japan which was eventually made into a physical game that spread through Europe and as of the last two-three years has spread across America.

This game forces you to put down your phones, use your brains, and interact like human beings should. Fantastic! I’ve literally seen families who hardly spoke to each other communicate and bond over the course of an hour. Not to mention the countdown clock pushes your blood pressure sky high.

Tips for success:

1.) Arrive early. Fifteen minutes early will move the flow of the night nicely. You have a waiver to sign before entering and plenty of time to use the restroom. Not to mention you relieve the receptionist of the stress of a late team, and who know? You may even go in early!

2.)Make your booking and keep it. All the games at The Escape Game Orlando are NON-refundable with NO cancellations. You don’t want to lose your booking because you’re late or get lost.

3.) Over communicate. Often times the ticking clock and various mental obstacles get overwhelming, but don’t worry! Breathe through it and communicate everything you find and every hunch you have.

4.) Ask for clues. You get 3 free clues so swallow that pride and ask for help when you need it! They’re there for a reason.

Next time you get the chance check out an escape game near you! They’re tons of fun and extremely addictive! Happy solving!


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