Travel Log: Korea

Today we are going to talk about my undying love for Korea. In 2009, I stumbled upon a kpop group called Big Bang (you’re welcome) which sparked my interest in Korean culture. You would think being half Korean would already ignite such an interest, but I’m a special snowflake.

From 2009-2011 I poured through every kpop band, every kdrama, article, cultural website, and youtube website concerning Korea. For a period I was considering becoming an English teacher (and simultaneous kpop star) just so I could live there once I graduated. In May 2011, I was fortunate enough to take a ten day trip through Korea, and boy did we see everything. If you know me you know some of my top favorite things are: Coca Cola, Food, my husband, and Korea.

After a 21 hour trip we arrived in Incheon jet lagged of course! It was a special moment because for the first time my mom was meeting her whole biological family!

“Reunited and it feels so gooood!”

The forty-five minute car ride to my Uncle Peter’s house was great. For years I had seen various dramas and reality tv shows film on the exact spot I was driving on. It was a fifteen  year old’s dream.

Incheon Bridge

One of the things I loved about Korea was the efficiency and natural aesthetic it held. One moment you saw skyscrapers the next you were looking at a temple or historic monument.

And let me tell you the food was amazing! There was not one meal that I did not like. Everything is so fresh and flavorful, I suggest you try everything in sight! Be brave, you could find something so delicious (that will torture you when you return home).

Tonkatsu and Miso Soup

There are more Korea posts to come! Have you ever traveled to Korea? What was your favorite part? Would you go back? Comment down below and have a great day!


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