How the Great Become Greater

Often times as a society we put so much pressure to become the “greatest of the great”. How much money do you make? Are you a power couple? Are you even in a relationship? Is your job prestigious? Are you the top of your class?

In asking these questions we often erase the humanity that we crave. Instead of giving to the poor we save our pennies for a day that might never come. Instead of spending much deserved time with our families we pittle away our time at a nine-to-five.

But Sierra, you’re an entrepreneur! How can you say such a thing? Simply put I believe in being wise, and working hard to be successful. However, laying down our humanity to climb rungs in society for such a short life is senseless.

The great become greater by loving others, listening genuinely, taking care of the homeless, giving to orphans and widows, supporting their family.These are the ideals I want to hold to before I even glance at societal values.

So you may be asking “What’s the point? Why say all this?”. The point is, I want to encourage you. Take a moment to breathe in the moment. Send that letter to a long lost friend. Call your parents to tell them how much you love them. The excuse of: “I just never have time.” is a lie. We make time for things we care enough about.

So I encourage you again. Make the moments count. Party less, love more. Create memories that you can love and hold tight when life is bitter. Balance your life to include the hustle and the things you love. Life only lasts so long, and let me tell you it only races on further. I’m encouraged by my faith in God and His word to carry on through life and the days when I don’t feel like waking up.

What encourages you to keep the love flowing? Comment down below, and don’t forget to hit that “like” button.


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