Shouldn’t You be Writing?

Shouldn’t you be writing young author? Why yes Idris Elba, you’ve caught me.

In the adventure of writing a novel you hit a lot of bumps and blocks. Writer’s Block to be specific. Only this time I’ve come down with a nasty case of “Editor’s Block”. I tried following my 5 Tips for Finding Your Muse and Keeping it post, and even my 5 Secrets to Editing Your Work but if it’s one thing I hate it’s reading my own work.

Now you might think “E gad hypocrite!” (and you’re not wrong), but as an artist I find it intensely difficult to re-read creative content. Sure I can tear it to pieces, scrap whole sections, and nit pick grammar. However, when looking at it a second time my intention is to read it with fresh eyes. I’ve noticed by the end of the final draft I’m ready to scrap the whole thing.

I have a tendency to be harsh and critical of my work. In a society where failure is taboo I’ve been working on accepting failure. It isn’t easy especially when your pet project is about to be put on display, but I am learning to love and feel the freedom of “failure”. The more I fail the more I understand the course I should take, the character I should conjure, and the content I should create.

On that note, let me say to you what I wish someone would say to me:

Your work is incredible. It’s fresh, new, and desirable. Sure it has kinks and issues to work out, but you are so close. Progress is just around the corner. Don’t give up now. It may seem stale but that’s because you have been staring at it for days, weeks, months, and even years. Keep yourself motivated. Develop your characters, go off on a side story, add more detail. All of that can be changed. If it really is terrible who cares? What does it matter if strangers don’t like your work? Will it matter in a day? A month? A year? You will have finished your work. That is a great success. There are always more word documents to create and erase. Chase those goals. Remember your family you want to take care of, the worries you want to leave behind, and the people you want to support. You can do it.

So my fellow authors. I hope this post gives you an extra push! Keep going! Stay motivated. I look forward to reading your future finished projects.

What do you wish someone would say to you? Comment below and don’t forget to like this post.


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  1. LittleFears says:

    I am pretty ruthless when it comes to editing, when I can be bothered to edit heh. My writing came about when I started a Second Life theatre in 2009’ish. Notices are only 512 characters of text, and attention spans on the internet are so short, when writing sketches everything had to be less than 3 minutes and when writing plays they had to be less than 10 minutes. It has left me with an awful habit of cutting out every unnecessary line in text. A page can easily turn into 6 lines of text when I go editing. 🙂


    1. I completely understand that. I hate editing. I always have trouble getting myself to sit down and edit something.


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