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Hey ya’ll!
As you know I’ve been working on a novel for the past year. I’m looking to publish it this year (date TBA). I spend most of my time editing nowadays and like I’ve said in my previous post it’s been a long process. The whole novel has been a long time coming and I have a lot to learn BUT part of the purpose of this blog is to share that process.

book-cover-apI figured I’d share a little bit of the novel with you lovely people including a commission piece I had to inspire me by the lovely Shelby Bailey aka on Instagram as ghostspit. She is incredible and does commission work! Be sure to check out all of her stuff on Instagram you won’t be disappointed.

I hope that as you read a sneak peek of my novel that you will be whisked away into a different world and ache a little more for each page you read. Please enjoy and leave a comment on what you liked and what you think needs improvement! I truly appreciate it.



Chapter 1

“Don’t let me catch you again!” The eunuch shoves me into the wall. My eyesight flickers in and out upon impact.

“I’m sorry Boktar.” I huff.

“No you’re not. This is the third time Mina.” Boktar grabs my bicep and presses me against the wall. “Don’t let me catch you again. I won’t be as gracious next time.” His breath reeks.

“Promise?” I brush off my dress and straighten my veil.

“You may be the king’s daughter Mina, but it won’t save you from the noose if people catch you stealing.” Boktar straightens his breastplate. He’s uncomfortable. I force a smile to comfort him.

“I won’t keep making you cover my tracks. I truly am sorry.” I bow to him. I place the gold gauntlet back in the jewelry dish and stare at the floor.

“Just make sure that you don’t get caught next time.” He shoves me the rest of the way out the door, but I catch a smile. I know he despises the lady Meidra as much I do. He’s right unfortunately, being the half child of the king only get’s you so far. Truthfully I only pawn Meidra’s things because she’s obnoxious and I need a way to bide my time. Fortunately I don’t want for anything; a benefit of being royalty. The bastard sect in me fortunately and unfortunately grant invisibility. Whether I want to be or not.

“These gold rings should fetch a good price in the market today.” I whisper to myself. Despite being caught I revel in my small victory. I walk quietly down the endless halls of the palace. The only stability in the ever shifting country Terra. As I exit the palace through my special rat hole I drink in the site of the palace.

It’s square in shape jutting high into the blue sky. It’s extravagant, and boisterous which is exactly what it’s supposed to be. There are hundreds of colonies that migrate in Terra, but only Antiquis, our capital stays in one place. After all we are the world’s largest and strongest nation; we ought to have a proper capital.

The walk to the market is just as quiet. The small box shaped buildings stand in rows on either side of me in varying colors. Shades of tan, yellow, and orange all parade about on the living spaces. They blend into the desert sand that surrounds us. That’s the way of our people. I pass a shop filled with women buy robes and veils the same color. The stand is embalmed in a pungent smell I know all too well. Lightening Oil. A harsh oil that turns the Terran people’s dark brown hair a cinnamon color. I stroke my hair absent mindedly.

My cinnamon locks have been more of a burden than a blessing as I remember my so called siblings yank my hair and tease me. I suppose I can only expect such a thing. After all I am a half-blood. I scoff.

Before I know it I was standing face to face with my usual foe: Hamen. The eighty-three year old Terran man that likes to harass me every time he sees me.

“Morning, Hamen.” I bow my head low to him. Despite his cantankerous spirit I feel the need to respect him. After all he could be one of the ancients. That in itself is an achievement I never wish to own.

“Horse breath.” He looks at me without blinking.

“It’s always so nice to see you.” I say with minimal inflection. My eyebrows furrow in frustration.

“Where’s Teta?” I ask getting impatient.

“Where’dya think?” He says with a surly expression. I roll my eyes in secret. He may be old, but I know he’d slap me in a moment if he saw me. I walk through the hanging tassels into the little home. Teta is happily sitting on a cushion with a vat of deep red wine. She hums a happy tune as she tosses different fruits and spices into the container.

“Good morning Teta.” I smile at her as I sit down.

“Oh hey baby.” Her crows feet stretch wide. “I was hoping you would pay me a visit. How are you today?” She puts her hand on my knee.

“I’m doing just fine. Have you been staying out of trouble?” I ask her with an arched brow. She chuckles to herself.

“Well you know me. Trouble always seems to find me.” She smiles. Teta, unlike other women her age is unweighted by social perimeters. She’s naturally beautiful and kind. Her skin has long since bronzed and her hair is a dark charcoal color. She’s much younger than her counterpart Hamen. She’s only sixty-three years old. While other women near her age are anxiously hiding from the sun she welcomes it. She soaks it up and lives her life. I think maybe that’s why even a grumpy raisen like Hamen could fall in love with her.

“What are we making today?” I sniff the red mixture.

“Today it’s a spiced sangria.” Teta stirs the wine and adds a couple citrus fruits. I see a tornado form in the center of the pot and it seems like an image is shimmering in the middle, but it’s whisked away before I can recognize it. I shake my head, my eyes must be going bad in this poor lighting. Teta just chuckles.

“What’s tickling you?” I question.

“I think you’ll be going away for a long while my dear.” She gazes deep into the wine as she swishes it back and forth. A shiver chills my spine.

“Oh Teta, don’t go telling fortunes. You and I both know it’s insincere.” I shift uncomfortably. She just smiles.

Her little home is decorated with talismans, spices, wines, and other trinkets. She’s the neighborhood’s reliable clairvoyant. However, three chalices of wine in and the mysticism comes to a crashing halt. Most of the time she makes up her predictions to produce a shekel or two.  Once, she giggled that she had only a handful of divine visions. “All came true ya know!” She squeaked as she drifted to sleep.

“So?” Her calm voice brings me back to the present. I meet her questing eyes. Despite her looking years younger than her age, her eyes are what stop me cold. They’re always so striking. The same walnut colored eyes that every Terran owns, but hers are searching and seem eons old. They almost convince me that she really can see the future.

“I just missed you. I wanted to pay you a visit.” I shift the gold rings in my palm. “And I brought you these.” I place them on the table.

“Oh honey, you really must stop this.” She shoves them into my hand.

“Teta, there is more than enough to take from at the palace. This is but a trifle.” I place it in her hands again.

“Where do you even get these things?”

“Sometimes they’re just lying around.” I can’t help but smile. “Please, won’t you store them away for a time when you need them? I need to make sure my favorite person is taken care of.”

“Oh fine.” She huffs and disappears for a moment. Then there’s a knock at the door. A broad young man walks through the door, and rushes me.


I hope you’ve enjoyed a glance into my novel. Keep your eyes peeled for 2017! Thanks so much!



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  1. Really well written, I look forward to seeing more!

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    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate the kind words.

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