Orlando Sites: Artegon

There are many things to do in Orlando. One of them is Artegon the Anti-Mall. It was purchased in 2002, remodelled in 2011, and opened in 2014 where it became the home to many local business owners and shops. It’s filled with artists, trinket makers, restaurants, life sized games, and a plethora of other store types.

Artegon is is facility that inspires and creates a place for all kinds of people to create and be inspired. It’s a truly fantastic experience AND it’s free! In my opinion it’s a beautiful fusion between an indoor flea market and upscale mall. It makes its very own “Anti-Mall”.

Whether you’re a tourist or a local I highly encourage you to check out the facility and patron some of the shops! They are well worth it AND you are feeding into the local economy! Check out some of my own pictures as well as the header picture courtesy of Artegon Marketplace.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have you ever been to Artegon? What is your favorite shop? Don’t forget to like and comment down below!


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