Busch Gardens



This weekend Daniel and I had the blessing of fellowshipping with our dear brother and sister Ramon and Hannah and their darling baby Moses. We were also blessed to go to Busch Gardens! Let me give you the low down!

As a Florida local let me give you the low down on Busch Gardens!

Firstly parking is a monster. $20 for the day to be exact. Thank God for our dear friends Hannah and Ramon who got us parking for free (we got that hook up you know what I’m sayin’).

Do you love to eat? I suggest you buy a food bracelette! It’s $35+ tax and you get to eat a meal with a side/dessert and a drink every hour. Not only that but you can technically receive a side and drink at any time (they’re basically unlimited unless you’re going to eat more than 23 sides and drinks in a day). The portions are big enough for two people to share especially if you’re going every hour. Alcoholic drinks are buy one get one when you have the bracelette.

Since we went in December it was around 65 degrees Farenheit until the early afternoon where it jumped to 75 degrees Farenheit. We found that if you go as soon as the park opens your maximum weight will be around 15 minutes which is fantastic. In December they open there Santa’s Village from 6pm-10pm which causes quite the rush… and screaming children which I like to avoid at all cost.

If you’re looking to bring items along with you through the park I suggest you bring a fanny pack. Apparently if you have a clipped fanny pack you can go on any ride in the park without getting a locker (this includes big rides like Cheetah Hunt and Sheikra).

I highly suggest you take the train inside Busch Gardens because you get to go inside of the Serengeti exhibits. I love animals so it’s a lot of fun to see such beautiful animals up close. The train ride has 3 stops where you can board or leave and total time (stops included) is around 40 minutes.

Check out these pictures from the day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have you been to Busch Gardens? What is your tip? Comment down below and don’t forget to “like”!


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