What Does it Mean to Honor Someone?

This week I’ve decided to write a post about honoring people. This has become one of my favorite things to do for/to people. Honoring someone in this case means to take time to bless them with words of encouragement, recognition, and anticipation for their future endeavors.

This is not only biblical but also positive and refreshing. You never know who needs an emotional pick me up. This concept of regularly honoring people was introduced to me by the Dan Fam also know as Young Revivalist. I will be making a habit out of this in the coming weeks so get used to it! I really challenge you guys to honor some people in your own lives.

Today I’ll be honoring my dad as he has been on my mind a lot lately. Warning it is long winded.

To my dad:

Dad over the years I’ve grown to love you more than I did when I was a little girl. You have always been my rock and my foundation. You were the one that taught me so many work skills that no one else could have taught me.
From being an itty bitty baby you always embodied the idea of “hard work”. You always taught me to be proud in my own hard work even if no one else would. You taught me to have integrity in my work no matter the cost and that it would all work out. I have always stuck to those things because you taught me how important that was from such a young age.
I’m grateful for the experiences in the dental and orthodontist field that you educated and enlightened me on. Although it’s an odd topic it has been so useful on so many occasions, and I realize one of my favorite things about you is that you taught me all this obscure but useful information. I’m grateful that you taught me how to navigate an airport and foreign cities. You taught me to be aware of my surroundings and dangerous situations. You taught me to leave tips for the cleaning crew after our stay at a hotel. Most kids don’t know this information let alone learn it from their own father.
I’m so proud to have a dad who is so invested in my life and is willing to teach and listen to me. I’m so happy you would take me on long dates where all you did was listen to my latest book I finished or movie I was obsessed with. You showed me what a godly man looks like. You told me that I was a precious treasure, a leader, and a conqueror that deserved nothing but the best. You did this by telling me how smart and beautiful I was. By walking with my away from the traffic. By holding the door, car or establishment no matter the circumstance and doing the same for my mom, and by teaching me the way a man shakes hands. Because of you I believe I have picked a godly, respectable, loving, and diligent man. Thank you.
Your ability to talk to anyone at any time for any reason has inspired me to make everyone I meet feel comfortable and loved. I was always amazed that no matter where we were you could strike up a conversation and leave that person smiling and a little brighter. I try to do that every time I meet someone as well.
You always laugh genuinely. Even if someone tells a terrible joke you somehow find a way to laugh hysterically. Which is helpful since my jokes are usually sub-par.
Over all dad you are such a godly, respectable, hardworking guy who will never go out of style. You are an incredible father, husband, and grandfather. Thank you dad for sticking it out and busting your butt to support your family and represent Christ. Growing up I was the only one with a dad like you. So for that I honor you and encourage you to keep being the amazing man you are and keep winning souls for the Lord.

I love you dad.

So for those of you who are still here! I challenge YOU! Take time to honor someone this week! Maybe your friend, co-worker, aunt, neighbor, or mom needs a pick-me-up! Heck maybe all of them! Go on an honoring spree for all I care!

And as always don’t forget to like and leave a comment of who you’ll be honoring below!



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  1. Malini says:

    Lovely write up Sierra!! Stay blessed. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! You as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love you too honey. I couldn’t be more proud of you!

    Keep up the good work. Go with God full out. You will never regret it.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks dad! I appreciate it!


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