New Year New Speech Blah Blah Blah

Happy New Year! 2016 was garbo blah blah blah this year is going to be awesome blah. This year will be an amazing one if you make it amazing. As Gary V would say “You won the lotto of life… you weren’t born a f#$%ing sunflower.”

Get out there and kill the game! This year I’m deciding to make less excuses and more moves. I’ve allowed myself to be complacent this last year (especially this last six months). I have huge aspirations and they’re not going to check themselves off the to-do list.

Cheers to the new year! I’m wishing you all the health, wisdom, memories, and success in this year. One of my goals is to make writing my priority (by writing at least 3 times a week), grow healthy (by working out 3 times a week… if I don’t, my joints crack like a grandma), and becoming financially wealthy (by sticking to my budget and exercising financial wisdom). There are a couple other silly ones like purchasing a GoPro HERO 4  (to capture all my adventures) and a GameMastery Guide (to help with my writing process… I’m also a huge nerd).

All in all I look forward to hearing about your progress. Do you need an accountability partner? Look no further! I’d be happy to chat it up with you.

What are your thoughts on “New Years Resolutions”? Do you have any? Comment them down below and don’t forget to like!


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