Skinny Privileges

Hey everyone!
Today I’ll be talking about “Skinny Privileges”. You might ask “what is that”?
Well the internet has a couple different descriptions. I’m going to be going through the two main thoughts.

Skinny Privileges/ Thin Privilege is when people who are thin experience “perks” from their low body weight and thin looks. This includes things like: paying reasonable prices for your clothes, being able to eat what you want without comments, you don’t have to pay extra to fly, etc.

The other definition is:
The discrimination and/or acts of aggression against a person based off of their weight and dimensions.

Although I definitely understand the frustrations of the first description I’ll be sharing with you my experience of “Skinny Privileges” and the things that have gotten under my skin.

  1. Stop Asking if I’m Anorexic
    What’s crazy about this one is I remember from the age of 7 years old being asked if I’m Anorexic. I’m 21 now. Thankfully it’s been at least 2 years since someone has asked me. Please stop asking thin people this question. If you are genuinely concerned there are various signs to show if someone is suffering from an eating disorder. Obviously friends mean well when they’re checking on you but I had complete strangers asking me if I “ever ate” or if I “eat at all”. If you want to read about an amazing woman who went through an amazing recovery check out Beauty Beyond Bones.
  2. You’re Lucky-You Can Buy Clothes Anywhere
    This is a gigantic lie. If you mean I can physically fit into anything, then you would be right. The reality is that I also have a body type just like all the other girls in the world. If you are plus sized then you probably frequent Torrid (my two best friends’ favorite store). In the same way, I have to search out clothes that fit my body. If I don’t, I look like a little kid trying to wear mommy’s clothes. I swim in clothes is basically what I’m saying, and don’t even get me started on finding jeans.
  3. You Should Eat a Cheeseburger
    First of all I’m pretty sure if this was role reversed and I told you to eat a certain way I would be body slammed. It is common courtesy to keep your comments to yourself if they’re not nice. I still receive this comment to this day. Also if anybody actually knows me they know I can eat you under the table.
  4. You’re so Beautiful-Stop Being Insecure
    I. Am. A. Woman. I obviously get insecure. Over the years it seems like the less you weigh the less problems you have in society’s mind. When people constantly make comments on your weight, how they can see your bones, and make claims that you’re unhealthy it gets in your head. Especially when there’s literally nothing you can do about it. I am naturally skinny. I will probably be this way for a long time, and your comments aren’t going to change that.
  5. You Don’t Need to Work Out-You’re Already Thin
    Skinny Science 101- If I want to have any shape to my body, I need to work out. Yes, I’m thin but my goal is to be healthy. Thin does not mean healthy. I guarantee anyone could outrun me in a 5k. A small child could outrun me for crying out loud. Please don’t give yourself the expectation that skinny means healthy. It’s not fair to you. I want a booty ya’ll and I gotta work out to get it.

I was once in a specialty store for curvy women (as both of my best friends are sexy curvy fo DAYS. I mean just look at the feature picture. Are they hotties or what?) and the attendant there ignored me, gave me dirty looks, pushed past me physically, eyed me up and down, made comments under her breath, and when I did try to speak to her she was very condescending. I thought I was being crazy until my two best friends were ready to fight her. I was baffled that someone could treat people this way just because of body shape.

All in all I am trying to give you perspective from a thin person who has experienced all of these things. As a Korean-American woman I have been discriminated against as a thin person more than I have as an ethnic person. That should speak volumes to you. So I challenge you today to befriend all kinds of people, of all shapes and sizes. We are all beautiful and created in God’s image. And remember no matter what size you are

I’d love to see all of you beautiful people! Comment a picture down below and don’t forget to like!

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  1. Randolph says:

    Love Ya! Keep it up! they have sounded great!

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    1. Thanks Mark! I appreciate the support.


    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate you for stopping by!


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