Romance is Dead

This week my best friend Sarah, and I had a conversation about romance and its actual definition.”Romance- A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.” At first it sounds wonderful. It’s a crazy drug that has been written about for centuries. Whole nations have come together and been torn apart by romance. Everyone craves this mysterious commodity and often circulate their whole lives around finding it.

Little girls and boys dream about the day they find their soulmate and all of the wonderful memories that will ensue. Candlelight dinners, spontaneous weekend getaways, receiving that Valentines teddy bear.

The only problem is romance is dead. “Love- an intense feeling of deep affection.” is what gets you through life. There’s no mystery about it. Love is constant and unchanging. Love is the thoughtfulness that gives you the idea to make your partner their favorite meal. Love is working your asses off to provide better futures for each other. Love is consistantly knowing that any hardship will be faced with your partner in hand. Love is forgiving someone when they’ve done you wrong no matter the cost.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about wanting that sweet sincere candlelight dinner or surprise weekend getaway.The point is to not be fooled into thinking that a relationship is about romance. Romance is that foolish little game you play when you can’t see someone’s true feelings. I’m guilty of this myself. It wasn’t until I realized I was “in love” with romance that I realized I should be thankful that I love my husband and he loves me.



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