Making Hard Decisions

Recently my husband Daniel and I had to make a hard decision. In short we were offered a trip of a lifetime at no cost to us simply because the givers were generous. Why is this a hard decision? Take the free trip and “Run Forest run!” was my first thought.

Then Daniel and I began to mull the idea around in our heads. It seemed like the perfect storm. We’re just a newlywed couple with regular jobs. It would take us a year or two to save up for such a trip. Why wouldn’t we seize such an opportunity?

Our first conversation did not go smoothly. Daniel provided all of the logistics and stats on why we shouldn’t accept. Legitimate details that genuinely should have swayed me to agree… Instead I wilted like a delicate flower and moped for two days.

We both “agreed” to pray about the decision and that the Lord would have the final “tie breaker” say. Instead I didn’t pray about it all. In my bitterness I told Daniel to inform the patrons that we could not accept. I was refusing to pray because I assumed it would be a “no” regardless, but the idea kept nagging at me all day. I was upset and frustrated that we hadn’t really talked and hadn’t given it to the Lord. Can you imagine that? Rebelious me, feeling regret?

So at ten o’clock at night while I was at work I sent my husband a text that read: “If you haven’t already let them know our decision could we please pray about it before you do?”.

He responded with: “I haven’t responded to them yet because I wanted to do exactly that.”

That made me so happy. Ladies, there is nothing sexier than a godly man. Even though we had argued earlier it was such a relief to know we were making God the tie breaker as a joint decision. And boy oh boy did we pray.

We prayed continually for three days hoping for the answer. In the end God left it up to us. Which is great because looking back on it I think it was just a ploy to get us to work as a team and listen to each other.

In the end we did not accept the trip because we felt it was better to continue working on our own projects and accomplish financial goals. The crazy part about that is I was at peace. In my heart of hearts I wanted to accept the trip so badly knowing it was not my time to experience it. Sometimes we have to make the hard decisions in life even if they first appear as easy ones.

What is a hard decision you have had to make? How did it end up? Don’t forget to comment down below and hit the “like” button!



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  1. love it! keep sharing the honesty sistah!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Hannah! I appreciate the encouragement. You’re awesome!


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