Stanley and the Arches (A Presidents Day Weekend Miracle)

This weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to little ole Shelby, Ohio. The place where my dad grew up, and his side of the family lives.

Naturally after deplaning, Daniel and I were hungry. My dad picked us up and we began our journey home (about an hour away). We figured the easiest option would be a fast food establishment.

We went to a couple places which were all CLOSED. Mind you it was 11:15pm at night. What kind of town is this anyway? When I tell you not a fast food joint was open in sight. I mean it. We ended up driving two exits away until we struck a miracle.

It was our third stop. You can imagine I wasn’t very hopeful as we drove around to the window of the fast food place (for privacy reasons…we will call it “Arches”). And again we were disappointed until we saw a young surfer looking gentleman strolling past us on the inside.

My dad, being my dad knocks on the window asking: “Are ya’ll open?” (You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.)

The surfer boy (we’ll call him Stanley) proceeds to unlatch the service window and happily hangs out as if to have a casual conversation.
“Aw yeah we’re all closed up.” He looked genuinely sorry.
“Aw, so you don’t have any food, huh. That stinks we were just lookin’ for a bite to eat.” My dad replies.
“Yeah he just threw out all the food. Wasted it all, too bad you didn’t come a little earlier.”
“That is a shame.” My dad says wistfully. (At this point I’m ready to drive away and find something else)
Well, I could like. Get you some drinks. You want some drinks?” Stanley says excitedly.
“Oh well we would love 3 large Cokes if you wouldn’t mind.”
“Jack and Coke on tap amirite? Heh, I wish.” Stanley laughs and disappears. He appears a few minutes later with some fantastic news: “Well you’re in luck! My buddy hasn’t thrown the food away yet so I’ll go grab you the food.”
“Well that’s awesome, what do you have?” My dad asks eagerly.
“I got some chicken sandwiches and pies. You guys like pies? I’m just gunna throw some stuff in a bag. I’ll be right back.” Stanley disappears again only to be seen in intervals as he tosses copious amounts of food into a  big brown bag.
“Alright that’s gunna be about $15. Or something close.” He laughs as he hands over the bag. My dad pays him as I struggle to roll down the backseat window (child lock was on).
“Stanley, you’re my hero bro! You’ve made my night. You’re best dude.” I praised him. If it weren’t for him I’d be getting very hangry, very soon.

The list of food we received was: 4 chicken sandwiches, 6 pies, a 10pc chicken nugget box, and 3 large Cokes (hold the Jack).

So thanks “Stanley” you’re awesome bro. Thanks for being the proverbial “inn” to our hungry “Joseph and Mary”…Yes I did just make that analogy. It was a Presidents Day Weekend miracle.

Have you ever had an awesome/chill server? Tell me about it in the comments and don’t forget to “like”.


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  1. mommaeileen says:

    As mom, I too am thankful tho”Stanley” and love that you shared this miracle!

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  2. R. M. Dyben says:

    That was Great! Really nice of him. You don’t get that kind of treatment in the city!!! They just look at you like your crazy or something! I an’t gonna talk to them. I have stuff to do. Let them go someplace else! That’s Kountry Kareing!!! (Yes miss spelled on purpose!)

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    1. haha very true! You won’t see that in the city!


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