Briar Patch

Ya’ll this place is a local GEM. Every time I eat here I am never disappointed. I have genuine belief that I could shut my eyes, point to a random spot on the menu, and still be extremely pleased with my choice.

To be fair this place is on the pricier side, but let me tell you it is absolutely worth it. The little shop is mostly white with hints of bright colors. It’s simply decorated with a quiet atmosphere.Located in Down Town Winter Park. They serve various breakfast, brunch, lunch, and incredible desserts (including homemade ice cream). Items range from $12-20 dollars depending on what you choose.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist this place is a must visit. I recommend the Blood Orange Mimosa, Raspberry Brie French Toast, and the California Styled Eggs Benedict. Be warned the portions are gigantic…Not that, that has ever been a problem since the meals are so scrumptious.

Now I’ll quit the yakking and let you see the pictures from earlier this blessed mornin’

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Have you tried Briar Patch? What’s your favorite dish? Comment down below and don’t forget to “like” for all of the food porn.


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  1. R. M. Dyben says:

    I have to agree that the food there is Great! Thanks for the info and good ideas.

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