You’re Not a Man if You Don’t Have a Beard

Church came a day early y’all.

 This morning a I read an interesting post by liquorgunsbaconandtits (classy I know) on Facebook. I’ll go ahead and fill you in on what it said:

 “The masculine American male is a dying breed. We have been told for far too long that violence is never the answer. We’ve been told that it’s cruel to kill our own food. We’ve been conditioned to believe that there is no place in modern society for the man who refuses to shave his chest or wear skinny jeans. As a man…you are a protector. As a man…you are a provider. As a man…you are solely responsible for the safety and well being of your family. How can you be a good husband if you can’t defend your wife? How can you be a good father if you can’t protect your children? Remember…the eyes of the children are fixed upon you. You serve as an example of what young men should grow up to be…and of what young women should seek out in a partner. So…grow your beard, wear your boots, eat your steak, carry a knife, own a gun, protect your woman, fight for what is right and just. Be strong. Be of good courage. Long live the masculine American male.”

So, liquorgunsbaconandtits I’d like to respectfully and heartily decline your style of “man”. Don’t get me wrong if you want to grow a beard, hunt, and shoot guns by all means do it. Shootin stuff is fun (I usually keep to the target range myself).

But (and it’s a big one) in reality a true man is measured by his integrity and desire to serve the Lord. I have some comments and concerns (you know since you represent the “real” men of America)

Violence should NEVER be our first answer (man or woman) because there are always other options. Violence should be the last straw.

If you want to eat meat, do it. If you don’t how does that equate to your masculinity?

Why do you care about another man’s grooming and fashion routine?

Although your beliefs may be different the Lord is our ultimate protector. There are some circumstances in life that a gun (although I am fond of) and a yeehaw attitude (which I have) will not help us. You cannot protect everyone, from everything, at all times. That’s impossible.

You can be a great father and husband by being there. Every game, recital, late night talk, and parent-teacher conference. Thats how you become a great father and husband.

This segues perfectly to my next thought. How to be a man.

 A true man leads with poise and grace instead of harsh words and seething testosterone. 

A real American man is a forger of rights, raiser of children, and yes the provider of the home and protector of ALL people.A protector in words, physical feats, and endearing displays.

A man is measured  by character and self-made habits. Not his physical appearance that will literally disintegrate when he is old and gray.

By saying a man is chopped up to facial hair, sexual interaction, and killing stuff is to degrade males to emotionless beasts of burden (which in the end hurts you). God created men to be so much more.

So fellas, if you want to, go to the barbers, wear your weirdo comfy multi-colored boho pants, order your soy non-fat mocha latte (but make it snappy because you’re holding up the line), be a vegan, but most of all be a man of God. 

That’s what being a real man is. Stay loyal to your family in all ways, have integrity in all things, and stay humble because you are the role model for the next generation.

P.S. my husband wears skinny jeans AND has facial hair.

P.S.S He’s a hottie is what I’m saying 😉

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  1. mommaeileen says:

    Absolutely love this one. So on target. Well done!

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