Up, Up, and Surprisingly South II

Hello lovelies! Here’s part TWO of Up, Up, and Surprisingly South. Enjoy 🙂

I hold my breath and my head high. My knees shake underneath my dress and slip. I can hear Ginny screaming my name from below which doesn’t make me feel any better. The man in gray fidgets nervously- his planned to-do list has taken a wrong turn. He’s not sure what to do next.

“Mister, please-”

“Shut up!” He groans smacking himself in the head several times. I wince each time he makes contact.

“Sir, you’re alright. Take some deep breathes dear.” I coo. He’s obviously deranged. He inches closer to me. The thin sword in his hand sways loosely. My heart rockets in my chest. I can hear crying as we ascend into the sky. It’s too late to jump.

“Miss.” He smiles at me with a glassy look that sends shivers down my spine. He grabs my wrist pulling a scream from my calm facade. The stranger to my right wraps the bow of his arm around the man’s neck and pulls. Strangled gurgles escape the crazed man’s mouth. His hand wildly brandishes the sword. I try to maneuver out of the way but there’s not much space. The blade lands on the cross roads of its owner’s hand and my forearm. We both yell in protest as we spout red.

The gentleman takes the advantage and yanks the assailant from my body and over the side of the basket. We both gasp as we hear the sickening sound of a warm body hitting the hard floor. My heart sinks as I slide to the wicker flooring of the basket.

“You killed him.” I clutch my mouth as blood flows down my forearm onto my lavender dress. The stranger sits next to me quietly. His eyes well with tears until they slide down his face. He looks at me with such despair in his eyes I feel like throwing myself over the basket.

“I didn’t know what else to do.” He whispers as he chokes back a sob. I pat him and bring him into my arms.

“You saved us.” I cry as well. We sit there for a while still ascending into the clouds. Our home town long gone before us. After our eyes dry and we become aware of our problems I supposed proper introductions were due.

“My name is Violet DeWinters.” I say sticking out my hand for a shake.

“Charmed, I’m Lorence Salvador.” He kisses my hand delicately.

“Thank you for saving my life.” I whisper. His eyes well up again. It’s nearly night time now and my beloved cumulus clouds have all but disappeared.

“We keep going up, up-”

“And surprisingly south.” Lorence laughs. We both share the little giggle in our wacky circumstance. Indeed we were going up, up, and surprisingly south.

Enjoyed the piece? Hated the piece? Let me know by commenting down below 😉

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