Good Mourning-A Tutorial

Hi everyone in light of the passing of my dear Uncle Jerry I have decided to hide my weepy feelings with a satirical post as all good millenials do! Please enjoy this tutorial on how to mourn with someone.

Mediocre Mourning- “I’m sorry for your loss.” (Pro Tip: It’s best not to mention anything about loss/dying/death in general. Chances are the recipient already knows they’re dead so it’s best not to harp on it.)

Good Mourning- “I’ll be sending my prayers/good vibes to you this week.”

Mediocre Mourning- “Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.” (Pro Tip: Chances are they’re going to be too sad to ‘Let you know’ so it’s best to make a specific suggestion.)

Good Mourning- “What day this week would be good for me to bring your family dinner?” (Food is always the answer)

Good Mourning- “I brought you a care basket for you and your family.” (Pro Tip: Remember self-care is important during a time of stress and grieving. Self-care could range from their favorite snacks to bubble bath, etc.)

Good Mourning- “Would you like me to babysit the kids/fur babies for you?” (Pro Tip: This alleviates stress and responsibility so your friends can grieve without added multi-tasking.)

Mediocre Mourning- “I’m sure they were an amazing person.” (Pro Tip: If your friend is grieving, it probably means the deceased were awesome…)

Good Mourning- “If you don’t mind telling me, what’s some of your favorite memories with them?” (Caution: this is one can be tricky.)

Mediocre Mourning- Sending the family of the deceased flowers. (Pro Tip: They’re beautiful and everything, but they’re just going to die… So maybe send monies…or food instead.)

I know this post is a bit morbid, but here we are! I’m a little bit happier, and now you know how to be a good mourner…or a mediocre one. The decision is up to you!

I hope you’re having a great day. If you are tell me about it in the comments down below and don’t forget to “like”!

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