5 Tips for Cheaper Flights

A lot of us have the travel bug, BUT why not save a little money while you do it? Here are 5 Tips for Cheaper Flights. Don’t forget to check out my buddy at Mile High Aviator who supplied me with today’s lovely photo!

1. Use Budget Airlines- A lot of people poopoo budget airlines BUT they are so helpful . Sure they nickel and dime you every which way you click, but have no fear. It is worth it in the end! Some of the airlines you might be interested in nationally are Spirit, Frontier, JetBlue, and Allegiant. International budget airlines include Norwegian Air and Air China. (Pro Tip: When booking a budget airline remember you are trading luxuries for extra dollars-be sure it’s worth it to you before booking. Budget airlines are “What you see is what you get”.)

2. Bring ALL the Snacks- So let’s say you decide to fly budget airlines! This means there won’t be any food/you’ve opted out of the food option (let’s be honest airline food is groddy anyways). Buy snacks in advance so you don’t have to pay heinous prices for food. I guarantee that you will save big money this way. The only downside is you’ll have to pay for that $5 water since you can’t bring in any liquids.

3. Book on Off Days- This tip is very simple. Find the groove for your national schedule. For me in Florida, USA it’s usually cheapest to fly out Tuesday or Wednesday and return Thursday or Monday. Try to avoid flying out in the beginning of the month and holiday weekends. Nowadays many airlines offer a “Calendar Booking Method” which allows you to see the cheaper days to fly in and out. This tool is your best friend.

4. Check Various Airports- When flying be sure to check the surrounding airports for price changes. For example if I want to fly into Seoul, South Korea (ICN airport) from Orlando, Florida (MCO airport) the ticket might cost me $1,120. However, if I open my availability to Seoul AND Gimpo, South Korea (SEL airports) my ticket could go down to as little as $874! That’s a lot of money to save. Keep this tip in mind if you can vary your trip.

5. Install Monitor Apps- The Hopper app has been my best friend. Hopper has an awesome calendar app that shows you all of the slow seasons to book for. You can also watch trips and be alerted when the price dips. They even have forecasts that predict when you should buy or wait. If you’re wondering: no. This is not a sponsored post BUT *whispers* Hopper, hit me up bro. *wink wink, nod nod*. With that in mind there are also websites like Hipmunk and Airfarewatchdog… Hopper is still my favorite and easiest to use without all those annoying ads.

Enjoy those tips? What are some tips you have for cheaper airfare? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to “like”.

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