A Letter to Anxiety

Dear Anxiety, I hope this letter finds you in good wealth
And in a prosperous enough position to put health
In the pockets of someone like me: down on their luck.
You see that was my life you decided to f—————.

….Wait a minute that’s a different letter… It’s supposed to go like this:

Dear Anxiety,
Although we have only met in passing I must say your personality disturbs me. I am happy to say we are not friends, but unfortunately we share a relationship in common. Actually we share a few.
You’re rather unpleasant to be around. You’re needy, persistent, and unreasonable. You make fun times a rainy day. Not the kind I like to listen to under a snuggly blanket, but rather the kind that makes everything moist and causes my foot to sink considerably lower than I intended it to.
It’s sickening to see you torment my friends the way you do. You hardly give them rest or the space they need. Although trivial to you, it is considerable the amount of pull you have on them.
I hate that you turn parties into nervous sweats or a calm cool day into a chaotic storm of panic. I hate that the status quo is making you “livable” instead of banish-able. I hate that you make me frustrated with my friends because of the tension you cause.
So, Anxiety you can shove off. Do not invite yourself to the calm cool day, the energized party, or the typical work day. Do not make yourself normal. Do not pretend like you’re necessary or a forever moment.
Anxiety, if only you knew how talented, brilliant, and kind my friends are. If only you valued them the same way. I suppose if you did you would scurry on to the next victim. I know I’ll see you again. Until then:

Signed Sincerely,

Someone’s Loved One


I hope you enjoyed this post despite the serious notation! Have a great day and remember you are loved! Don’t forget to like and all that jazz.

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  1. This letter just summed up my thoughts! Super well written


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