The Buffalo in 3102

As some of you may know I have recently moved into a new apartment. Yippee! Yes, I am extremely excited and relieved to be in our own place. Daniel (Sarah), and I are thrilled.

However, when you go from house living to apartment living…There are some adjustments. Like living below a herd of wild buffalo. Obviously they’re not real buffalo…At least I don’t think so, but based off of the way they tromp around upstairs they could’ve fooled me. So here are all the possible things they could be doing mysteriously.


Jump rope


Practicing tumbling

Rearranging furniture-daily

Running away from their mother- ft. Angry Screams

Testing how fast a bowling ball will fall from shoulder height

Chasing angry bees with a broken net

Juggling poorly with heavy household items

Apprehending burglars (on the third floor)

Becoming actual buffalo

Method acting as the Jolly Green Giant

Could one of these be the answer? We shall never know. Do you have upstairs neighbors? What strange activities do they partake in?


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