Hello boys and girls! It’s time for another foodie review! In three words: Bartaco is life.

I was on the hunt for a delicious Margarita (they’re my favorite adult beverage). My coworker recommended Bartaco in Orlando off Doctor Phillips. Let me tell you it was an amazing decision.

Firstly the atmosphere is great. Bartaco is themed in blue, white, and wanderlust photographs. The furniture is polished wood high bars, floor level cushioned wicker seats, and elevated booths. Overall quaint and full of character. Outside flowers and various plant life greet you before you come in. They’re all intermingled with fairy lights (it would be a stunning place to dine in the cooler months.)

Another thing I love about this place is the bar, and kitchen are visible and open to the public eye. As a low-key germ-a-phobe, it makes me feel a little bit safer knowing I can see my food.

I really enjoyed how the food is ordered. At the table there is a menu with pencils. You put a number by each item you want to define the quantity, and you can split your checks by each filling out your own order with your name at the top. Then you place it on one of the holders so the server can see and pick it up. If you have any questions or needs you place a blank blue card on the holder, and the server will stop to assist you. It’s a fun little twist on the typical ordering process.

Let me give you the run down on all the things Daniel (my husband) and I ordered!

  • Sanguina (Hibiscus Tequila, Blood Orange, Lime, Ginger Agave Syrup. Yes-it was delicious $8.75)
  • Lemonade w/ Mint (Non-alcoholic but a fun twist on the usual drink $3.75)
  • Guacamole w/ Tortilla Rounds (Guacamole was simple but delicious with whole chunks of avocado. The tortilla rounds were unique because you break them into chips yourself-lots of fun. $5)
  • Baja Fish Taco (This one was my least favorite taco. It was bland and tasted like fish sticks on a tortilla. $2.50)
  • Chicken Taco (Very good, well seasoned. Nice and simple. $2.50)
  • (2) Pork Pastor Taco (It was so delicious we ordered two. Thoroughly seasoned-not too salty. $2.50 each)
  • Spicy Chorizo Taco (This one actually had a kick to it. Seasoned very well and extremely enjoyable. $2.50)
  • Pork Belly Taco (Simple oil, salt, and pepper seasoning with picked radish on top. Paired very well together for a delicious balance. I would’ve ordered another could I have fit it. $3.50)
  • Sesame Ribeye Taco (The ribeye was shaved which was interesting but the texture was delightful. It was a bit salty but it was topped with a delicious mild pickled cabbage. $3.50)
  • (2) Duck Taco (Another simply seasoned taco which was extremely delicious. Simplicity seems to be their forte. $3.50)
  • Key Lime Pie in a Jar (A decadent dessert with a golden brown graham cracker cinnamon crust, YELLOW key lime filling, fluffy whipped cream, and topped with lime zest. ***For my non-bakers at home when you see that a Key Lime Pie is yellow and not a horrendous fake green you know you have struck GOLD my friend.)

All tacos are topped with raw onion, fresh cilantro, and are served with lime wedges. They don’t come with the copious amounts of fillers like sour cream, cheese, or any other accouterments (Do not fear- they’re still delicious).

Our meal before tip came out to a whopping $52. I have no regrets. A starter, nine tacos, 2 drinks, and a dessert later I was content and satisfied. The irony is that I didn’t get a margarita…oops I guess I’ll have to go back.

Unfortunately I did not grab any food porn shots due to my camera dying on our impromptu date….Yet another reason I must go back-darn. (There are plenty of pictures on their website. Be sure to check them out).

10/10 would do again! I definitely recommend this to all my foodie friends! Have you eaten at Bartaco? What’s your favorite taco? If not…still tell me about your favorite taco…

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