Intro to Tabletop Role Play Games

Hello lovely people! It has come to my attention that many people are interested in Tabletop Role Play Games, but don’t know exactly what they are. It would be great to see some young adults gettin’ out there and gettin’ nerdy so here’s my brief explanation!

This post I’ll be going over some great tabletop RPG (***Stands for Role Play Game which is far too long to type out each time) content that can introduce you to the highly addictive dru- I mean activity!

In basic definition, a tabletop Role Play Game (or RPG) is a collaborative storytelling game that is administrated by one person: The Game Master (or GM [Another name could be Dungeon Master/DM]).

This means that there is a group of characters/players that follow along the storyline that the GM has created. Much like reading a book, you don’t know the middle, end, allies, or enemies. You have to discover it as you go!

How do you discover these things? You discover them by making decisions, interacting with other characters (i.e. asking questions, being nosy, etc.), and rolling dice. Making decisions and interacting with other players is simple. All you have to do is talk.

Rolling dice is much trickier! If you want to do a super sweet back-flip to impress a special someone, you have to roll dice to see what your success rate is! This is put into play so you can’t be an overpowering/perfect character AND to add an element of chance. Where would the fun be otherwise?

Tabletop RPGs can range from classic fantasy, to modern day wizardry, to futuristic dystopian. Pick whatever genre appeals to you most! What I love about RPGs is that the options are as limited as your creativity. Meaning if you can think it ( and the dice are right) then it can happen.

Now some of you may be saying “But Sierra, I heard Dungeons and Dragons is demonic and will turn you into a crazed, suicidal, weirdo person!”. Unfortunately in the past there have been odd experiences with fanatical people. However, I can tell you that is not the typical everyday case. It is merely a fun, creative, storytelling game that allows you to create and play a character in person.

The story (which is called a campaign) only gets as crazy/gruesome/funny/ridiculous as you make it. When joining a campaign make sure you are on the same page as your co-players and GM. Talk about what you’re anticipating content to be like (i.e.gore, sex, language, mostly interacting, mostly fighting, even mix of both, etc.). This is important so that everyone understands what to expect. It also makes it a lot easier to have fun.

Still a bit confused? Here are some great links for online character creator, digital dice (if you don’t have physical ones), and watchable content (like Titan’s Grave and Critical Role)

Have you ever played a tabletop RPG? IF you have what is your favorite character you have created? Let me know below in the comments.

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